The founders of Playa Papaya Health Retreat decided to create a community of like-minded people at their health resort in Pedasi, Panama. Playa Papaya Health Resort is located on 125 acres directly on the Pacific Ocean with 1,600 feet of beautiful beach front. The intention of the Founders is to share their environmentally pristine area. Sharing means they have invited individuals who have a proven commitment to natural health to live there and enjoy the land and Ocean with each other.

Today several internationally renowned healers have homes on this area, or are in the process of building homes. In addition to those individuals who have done years of work in natural or alternative health practice, the Founders also invited individuals who have proven artistic skills. Thus, this community is a community of healers and artists in residence where people can live or visit in accord with nature.

The residents commit to live there without trying to dominate or control nature and with harmony and great respect to the land. Rules and restrictions that are in place, and which the new residents agree prior to purchasing a tract there, will continue the dedication to pure living for years into the future. The land was originally selected because one side of the property is on the Pacific, one side is on a nationally protected river and natural wet land area, and the other sides have no development at this time. Protective green screens will be planted as the need arises in the future to separate this land from outside influences.


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