Our beautiful secluded ranch high in the hills above the beaches of the north coast of the Dominican republic is steeped in a peaceful but lush tropical ambience. Lunaberg is close to Gaspar Hernández, a bustling town on the north coast of the DR. We have our own water supply that allows us a plentiful supply of excellent fresh cool drinking water.
The land around us has been used for thousands of years by various cultures, and because of this spiritual presence, you get a real sense of spiritual power.
Since 1991 – 21 years ago – we have been offering eco tourism; truly we have been the pioneers in this region of eco-tourism. Eco tourism, in combination with the holistic way of living is the central principle behind Lunaberg. Our location offers an ideal environment for meditation. Many of our tropical plants can be used as natural medicine. As well, we have a large variety of stunning local tropical birds for you to see.


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