Founded in 1993 on the ethics of care for the nature that surrounds it, Kuthumba encompasses a vision of a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity for people to co-create an environment that allows each individual to harbour a sense of peace and growth. The homes of which Kuthumba is comprised are built using green principles to ensure the inclusion of sustainable practices in our lives. With this in mind, the community hopes to serve as a model for how others can contribute to the protection of the environment and foster environmental wisdom.

More recently an influx of community-minded members has seen an increasing cohesion among the people on the land, looking at ways to live together in a more connected manner. Those living permanently at Kuthumba have a diverse range of passions, which include spiritual exploration and personal growth, permaculture, self-directed education, ‘alternative’ health and a form of eco-tourism that is educational.

Kuthumba’s Mission Statement: We honour the interrelationship of all life, embracing individuality, diversity and the sanctity of the Land we all call our home. It is our shared intention to develop sustainable systems that promote responsibility and sensitivity, thus integrating our essence with that of the Land. We aim to increase awareness through forging uplifting relationships with each other and our neighbours.


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