Dive the Richest Reefs in the World with the Pioneers of Raja Ampat!

Papua Diving operates the first exclusive dive resorts in the heart of Raja Ampat and is home to the world’s richest reef!

As the first eco resorts diving in Raja Ampat, we strive to preserve nature as we work alongside the local Papuan people to welcome you explore scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and bird watching in Raja Ampat.
Scattered along the shoreline of Kri island, Sorido Bay and Kri Eco Resort are located in the center of the marine sanctuary of Raja Ampat teeming with a biodiversity of marine life and terrestrial life. We are also just a step away to the world’s richest reefs!
Less than a minute from the resorts, the house reef Cape Kri holds the world record for the highest number of reef fish species – 374 of them – ever counted on a single dive. Besides hosting the world’s richest reefs, the area surrounding Kri island also contains more of the best and well known dive sites in Raja Ampat discovered and named by our founders, including Blue Magic, Mike’s Point, Sardines Reef and Chicken Reef to name a few. Most of these sites packed with a biodiversity marine life are within a 15-minute boat ride from the resorts.

Please be aware of “human caused climate change”-propaganda at the end of the video. 🧐


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